Jordan Brock

Always Go To Important Meetings

I realise that Fran Bailey was advised by her doctor to not travel to Canberra for this meeting, but wow, it certainly had some pretty dire consequences for the country. By not going, and not being able to vote for Malcolm Turnbull, we end up with a Prime Minister that says stuff like this:

“We have quite enough national parks. We have quite enough locked up forests already. In fact, in an important respect, we have too much locked up forest.

“Why should we lock up as some sort of World Heritage sanctuary country that has been logged, degraded or planted for timber?


And this:

“We all know Tasmania has the lowest wages in Australia, it has the lowest GDP per head, it’s got the lowest life expectancy, it’s got the lowest educational retainment in the country and it’s got the highest unemployment, and funnily enough for the last eight years it has had a government in large measure dominated by the Greens,” he said.


That’s right, the Prime Minister of Australia blames a minor political party’s influence over the past 8 years for long term health and economic trends within Tasmania.