Jordan Brock

Coffee Roasters

I’m constantly amazed by the talents of the people I work with at Five Senses: Photographers, musicians, and artists. So I guess I shouldn’t be surprised when one of the roasters, Damon Steponavicius, pulls out an amazingly eloquent piece on what it means to be a Coffee Roaster, and how Five Senses is managing that responsibility:

We see the inequity in our industry, and our Green Bean team are witness to the human toll the global market takes upon growers who remain predominantly from the developing world. The beans that arrive on our doorstep are thus indeed a gift from those far away, the result of years of hard labour and sacrifice, of love and of craft. But this gift also comes with an unwritten legacy, and a specific bequest:

‘Do me, and my grower, justice’.

And, crucially, our ability to comply with this unspoken demand is precisely where our ability to invest has profound implications

Lovely stuff.