Jordan Brock

Singapore - Little India

Thanks to the generosity of my rocking parents, we recently spent 10 days in Singapore, staying at The Sentosa Resort on Sentosa Island. While the idea of staying in Singapore for 10 days might not seem to be particularly relaxing, Sentosa is quite removed from all of the hustle of Singapore, and could be a tropical resort island anywhere. If you wanted to, you could quite happily spend all of your time on Sentosa, and not venture into the city at all.

However, we did spend a bit of time in Singapore, and one of the best places we went was to Little India. There’s a large Indian population in Singapore, and they seem to be largely centered around the Little India area.

One of the things you notice about Singapore is the massive amount of construction that’s been going on, and the fact that almost none of the “old Singapore” remains, having been bulldozed and rebuilt with modern buildings. Little India, by contrast, is almost in original condition. It doesn’t have any of the sanitised vibe that exists elsewhere in Singapore. As a result, it’s certainly the most vibrant and lively area that we went to.

Another great thing about Little India is the food. Eating out in Singapore can be quite expensive if you head to the “western” restaurants, but if you want to eat some of the “local” foods, then it’s quite remarkable how cheaply you can eat. We ate (twice it turns out) in a wonderful tandoori restaurant, stunned at how little everything cost. A chicken tikka, aloo methi, naan, raita, rice and samosas for $30. Gold.

Little India from Jordan Brock on Vimeo.

And here are some photos I took that are up on Flickr.

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