Jordan Brock

Fake Steve Jobs: Now with fake photo credits

Sure, writing about Fake Steve Jobs is way old news, but if you’re reading this blog for a desire for timely anything then you need to consider a trip to an electro-shock therapist. After he (Fake Steve) was outed by some killjoy at the WSJ (or somewhere, can’t be bothered to do the research) there was a concern that the easter bunny had been killed and FSJ wouldn’t be as funny or as insightful. It didn’t take long to see that FSJ wasn’t going to take exposure lying down. In fact, he stepped into the realms of batshit insanity. And it was exactly the correct response.

Anyway, not long after the outing, he ran an article with a picture by James Duncan Davidson, but didn’t put any attribution on it. Kinda naughty, and actually a bit of a red rag, and he was called out. A quick apology was issued, followed by more mirth. For example, check out the photo credits on these two posts. I didn’t know that FSJ was such a fan of Old Greg