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So I bought a new Nokia N95. Rather sweet indeed. Apart from the 5 megapixel camera (!), the wifi, the HSDPA and the huge screen, it’s got a GPS! A freakin’ GPS. Which of course means I now walk around a lot with my phone out in my hand, looking like I’m watching a portable TV.

I got the phone through 3, mainly because of their data packages ($30 for 1GB). I’ve not really cranked it up though. A year on Telstra has made me fear doing anything other than call people … mainly because of the enormous bill that you receive at the end of the month, just for trying to check your email every now and then.

Of course, the iPhone is due for release soon (in the USA at least) but it’s over 18 months away in Australia, and unless it gets a fairly major specs upgrade in the meantime, it’s going to be one of those “nice, but only if it had … “ types of things. I mean, a 2MP camera? That’s so 2007.