Jordan Brock

What's that about the eggs?

In an unintentional, but happy set of circumstances I ended up watching a couple of Natalie Portman (OMG SO HOTT!) movies over the past couple of days: Closer and V For Vendetta.

I thought both were excellent films, and that Ms Portman, often criticised for not being the most emotional actress around, was fantastic (an opinion no doubt helped by her aforementioned hottitude).

I have one question about each film however:

In V for Vendetta, what’s the point with the two guys cooking her the same egg breakfast? Is it to symbolise that she’s a prisoner in both of their houses? Or that both men, though different people, aim to do the same thing, albeit via different methodologies? Or were they in cahoots?

In Closer, (SPOILER ALERT), we learn at the end that her name is Jane Jones, the name she said was her real name to Clive Owen’s character in the strip club, though he wouldn’t believe her. So, what’s the point of that? Am I dense? Should I stop watching films completely?