Jordan Brock


Sometimes you wake up with a list of things to do in the day. Things that you need to do. Today my list included such wonderful activities as washing the dogs, getting my eyes tested, washing the car, doing some food shopping and other little chores here and there. Of course, these plans never work out.

I get back from walking the dogs, have some breakfast, put the dogs into the car to take them to get washed and I notice the front tyre of the car looking a little flat. “Oh well, I’d better pump that up at the petrol station” I think to myself.

I reverse the car and something is wrong. Of course, the mini supposedly has the wonderful auto flat sensing warning light, so I wonder why that’s not doing what it was supposed to do. We’ve got the special run flat tyres that let you drive on them, so it’s not the biggest problem, but of course, my immediate thoughts are on the $300 it will be to replace the tyre.

So I head off to Bob Jane to get a new tyre fitted. After some confusion about whether or not they can be repaired, and some other issues about the age of my tyres, it becomes apparent that I need to replace the tyres. All four of them! And what are the only tyres available?

For $1400!


So we end the day about 1 house repayment behind where we started. Totally unplanned of course.