Jordan Brock


So, some relatively major changes have been going on of late. The most significant being that we have finally got around to buying a house! It only took about 10 years of procrastinating and avoiding the whole issue, but we’ve got there.

It’s a decent enough brick and tile house on a battleaxe block in Bayswater. Not the best area, but certainly decent enough.

Obviously the majority of our time of late has been taken up with trying to get things sorted out in the house. Putting stuff in cupboards, moving it all when we realise that it’s in the wrong spot; drilling countless holes to hang shelves and hooks; organising a never ending stream of tradespeople to come and install airconditioning or rewire the house, or cut down trees or any number of things. Quite exhausting really.

And all of this while I’m trying to get enough work done that we can afford to go away on our trip to the US in a couple of weeks. Which in itself is going to be an ordeal … I mean, do you want to spend 20 odd hours in an airplane with a 15 month old toddler? Regardless of how much you love her?