Jordan Brock

Batman Begins

A quick trip to the cinema tonight for some Hans Cafe goodness (mmm, Squid Pepper Rice, my old friend) and Batman Begins. Rather good I must say.

Not that I was worried, but it was good to see that the approach of the last 2 Batman films, directed by (shudder) Joel Schumacher, hadn’t been continued, and the story was actually treated with some respect.

While obviously set in a different reality, there was a concerted effort to explain

  • *a)* why there is a guy flying around in a batsuit fighting crime, and
  • *b)* how he manages to do what he does. One problem with the earlier films is that there was no real explanation of how this guy got to the mental state that he is in (except _"Oh, his parents died, and he fell into a well with some bats in"_).

Second to Unbreakable, probably the best origin story of a cartoon/superhero character I’ve seen.