Jordan Brock


One thing that I can’t stand is being late, and I start to get all OCD about things when I am running late. Tonight, I was supposed to meet up with Habu-san and Kobayashi-san at the Brass Monkey, but due to missed phone calls, I ended up being an hour late. Totally my own fault, and I felt terrible about it.

Nonetheless, when I finally got there, they were really gracious about everything, and then we wandered off to dinner. I had originally planned to go to the Viet Hoa, but we ended up at the Dusit Thai. I hadn’t been there for years (Jen, James and I found ourselves there one night after some solid after work drinking). The food was pretty good, nothing too spectacular. Slightly overpriced … it probably would have been better to get to the Viet Hoa.

It was good to see Habu again, and to hear a little about Koba-san’s two boys (who seem to be little bundles of energy), through the translation of Habu. A very stilted conversation. Makes me want to get back to Tokyo as soon as I can.