Jordan Brock

New Year

Today is the Chinese New Year (Year of the Rooster I believe). Currently there are drums beating in the distance, with constant volleys of firecrackers being let off.

It reminds me of the first year we moved to Northbridge. We had moved in in the last week of January, and found the area to be quite peaceful, despite its proximity to the hubbub of Northbridge.

Then one night, we were woken by what sounded like the end of the world happening in our street. Not really sure what was going on, I wandered out to see what was going on. At the end of the street people were setting of barrage after barrage of firecrackers, which was really cool, but it did make us wonder what we had moved into.

Of course, it soon became evident of what was happening, and it showed us how big a part of the community the south east asian community was. And it led to us learning quite a bit about the area.

Now, every year when we see the posters go up for the New Year, we know what’s coming.