Jordan Brock

If it didn't happen to an Australian, it didn't happen

If you were watching the news coverage of the Golden Globes on TV this morning (and to some extent online), you’d be forgiven for thinking that because Nicole and Cate didn’t win the Golden Globes that the Hollywood Foreign Press had decided not to award them to anyone.

Now, I realise that any country’s press is likely to focus on people from that country, but surely some recognition of the actual winners is warranted? Kind of like the 1992 Olympics coverage on NBC in the USA. I remember a swimming race where an american came in second. All well and good, but during the medal presentation, they didn’t even mention the name of the gold medallist, or in fact show them on TV. The camera just zoomed in on the silver medallist and ignored all of those nasty foreigners.

Of course, the nadir of this type of reporting was seen during the Tsunami crisis. “150,000 dead in tsunami, including 9 Australians.” Ooooh, how tragic for us.