Jordan Brock

Stockholm Looks Different

When we stayed in Stockholm, we got off the train from the airport at a train station about 400 metres to the right of this picture, on the bridge. We then decided to save money and walk to our hotel, which was in that red boat in the lower right hand corner of the photo. Not such a bad thing you say. Except for the fact that it was snowing, there was ice all along the footpath and that it was below 0C. The wheels on the suitcase jammed with ice and grit from the road, rendering them completely useless. I was carrying a laptop and a suitbag (with Caren's wedding dress and my suit), and 2 suitcases, while Caren was struggling with all the remaining crap that we decided (for some completely unknown reason) we needed to lug all the way around the world. So, when I saw this photo in the Flickr Sweden RSS feed on BlogLines it brought back all sorts of weird memories. Happy memories for the trip and wedding and bad memories for the trudging and the carting and the snowing.