Jordan Brock

Feedburner and Music

While acknowledging that I have been woefully incompetent at maintaining this blog with any form of regularity, I shall continue as though nothing has happened. Because really, not a great deal has. As with any new parent, my life has consisted primarily of helping Caren to keep Evelyn alive and growing, working, sleeping and doing my best to maintain some form of mental well being.

And how am I going in my attempts? Well, better in some than others, but in the important ones (eg keeping Evelyn and Caren alive) I’m doing quite well indeed.

Other than that, this post is ostensibly a method of testing a new feature that FeedBurner have added. That of autodetecting appropriate amazon content based on the drivel that I write in here. So, I shall just mention a couple of albums that I have been listening to recently, and we’ll see what comes up!

This week I ‘ave been mostly listening to Eskimoe Joe - “A Song Is A City” and Finn Brothers - “Everyone is Here”

Next, I’ll post something about some films that I own and we can see what happens then!

(Oh, and if you’re wondering what the hell Feedburner is, then, follow the link and we can try and work it out together.)