Jordan Brock

Oh Bubbaliscious, Where Art Thou?

Still no freaking baby!

Which, considering the due date was yesterday, wouldn’t normally be too much of a problem. Except for the fact that at our ob/gyn appointment last week Dr Smith (his real name, not some name I made up to protect his medical identity for unknown reasons) said that he thought it would be out within a couple of days. So naturally Caren and I got really excited about the prospect of everything appearing in time for the weekend!

No dice.

Anyway, it’s not really a problem. Caren is getting sick of having some feet in her lungs and being short of breath even while lying in bed, but there’s not really a great deal that can be done. If the wriggler doesn’t appear by next tuesday it will be induced. So, we’ll be knee deep in screams and babyshit within a week.