Jordan Brock

The Chavvest of the Chavs

There are two things that leap out from this article:

Talking about the night he proposed to his girlfriend, Coleen:

“I’d picked it (the ring) up from the jeweller and told her we were going out for a Chinese meal, but we stopped at a BP petrol garage because Coleen had to get the money to pay for the meal.”

That’s right, he’s a starting player for England, and he makes his girlfriend go get money to pay for dinner, during which he planned to propose to her. Romance = Alive and Well.

And then this:

Wayne and Coleen are set to dislodge David Beckham and his pop star wife Victoria as English football’s first couple after Beckham had a poor tournament and has seen his image tarnished by accusations of extra-marital affairs.

Yeah right. A chav (albeit a talented chav), with an ugly head, and a Council Flat girlfriend is going to take the place of Beckham and Posh. Uh-huh.