Jordan Brock


No doubt this is something that every expectant parent experiences (way to overload on the letter ‘x’), but it’s quite amazing how my thoughts have been changing over the past couple of months. Considerably less concern with gadgetry, clothes etc (still addicted to music and movies), and more about families, building families, preserving existing relationships and thinking more about how everything we are going through has been gone through countless times before.

So, it was quite coincidental that when Caren and I were out to dinner with Mum, Michael and Cynthia last night, they should start to talk about some of their experiences as children. The short little stories created a picture of a vastly different world and existence to the one that I grew up in, and the one that our child(ren) will grow up with.

“Give us an example, SuperChimp” I hear you cry.

Well, Michael mentioned how he could remember being out in the backyard of their semi-detached house in Watford with Grandy during World War II. He said that Grandy pointed out a V2 rocket going over their heads, and told him to watch for when the red glow at the tail of the cigar shaped missile went out. If it went out while it was over you, well, then trouble would no doubt ensue. But if it kept going, then you were safe.

That seemed to ring klaxon-like in my head, combining with the feelings I mentioned above, and a synapse fired, followed by another, and another until an idea formed.

“Wouldn’t it be an horrific shame if we were to lose stories like that one, about how our parents and relatives lived their lives. How could I explain to my child what it would be like to live during a war? Or on a farm in Perth in the 40’s? We need to get this stuff down on paper.”

Then I realised that I don’t work with paper too well, and that the intramanet is a better medium for this sort of stuff. To this long winded end, I have created a blog, where (I hope), the various members of the various families that have combined to make the Brocks what they are, can go and jot down their anecdotes and rememberences from their childhoods and beyond.

Ladies and Gentlemen: I am please to present, for your consideration, Brockography .

S. There’s nothing there yet. But soon. Soon I tells ya!