Jordan Brock

Karaoke! Karaoke! Karaoke!

So, it’s finally happened, and on only my first full day in Japan. Karaoke!

But first I must tell you about the magnificent food that I’ve been eating here. All sorts of different stuff, and all magnificent. A Korean BBQ for lunch on Wednesday where we cooked our own meat on the hotplate built into the table; Yakitori that night (which is kind of like a Yum Cha, but less reliant on deep fried food, and actually includes vegetables); Noodles and fried rice at a little mum and pop noodlehouse where they could barely contain their glee at my ability to use chopsticks; and a more traditional Japanese meal last night with an array of interesting things, including deep fried chicken knuckles (tastier than they might sound), whole prawns, whole fish and of course, sake.

Then after the meal (and some beers), off to Karaoke. And as much as I resisted, it’s actually kind of fun. Though, I chose a song that was way out of my limited range and I sounded like a castrato who was actually being modified.

The Japanese seem to take it very seriously, and have their own songs that they practice (I presume on their own?) and the put on mini stage shows. Of course, it’s all liberally lubricated with sake, beer and gin, but it’s good fun.

It was my own little Lost in Translation moment. They had “More Than This” on the list, but I never got around to singing it. I am, however, as yet to see Scarlett Johanssen smiling at me in an elevator. Something that will disappoint me to the day I die.