Jordan Brock

Mad Tokyo Stylee

So, here I am. Tokyo. Wow.

A pretty standard flight from Perth overnight, broken only with the captain waking everyone on the plane up to make sure they had their seatbelt on. Nice one. Of course, I was in the middle of a deep sleep, and struggled to return.

On the approach into Tokyo, Mt Fuji was visible on the horizon, poking up through the clouds. It was quite distant, but still spectacular. The actual approach into Tokyo was quite interesting, with an astonishing amount of golf courses underneath the flight path. It looked as though there were about 20 courses, all up against each other, with immaculately landscaping evident.

The bus ride from the airport was longer than expected, mainly because the airport is 70kms out of town, which makes me wonder how it can really be associated with Tokyo. Met a guy on the bus who travels the world helping telcos set up mobile phone networks. Relatively interesting, in a fairly nerdly way.

Once I got into town there was a mad rush through the office (whoah, it’s cramped!), and then to Melanies apartment, which is set back from the road in what feels like a little village all of it’s own. Very calming, and easy to forget that there’s 15 million people on the other side of the wall.

Didn’t really accomplish too much today. A quick bike ride around the area, some lunch, some dinner, a nap etc etc and back to the flat. The boys are cool. Little teenagers, with all of the appropriate features.

That’s it for day 0.5 of the trip.