Jordan Brock

Worldwide Roo Meat Shortage

After mooching off Carol and Marc for almost a week, we decided that it was about time we did something. So, I decided to cook Kangaroo. After reassuring some horrified children that it was quite ok and that they wouldn’t die, I managed to find a butcher on the web that said that they sold it (along with Turtle .. I have the address if anyone is interested.) Carol said that it was in the Market District, and that we could do some more shopping in the area. That sounded pretty damn good to me, so off we went.

A short detour so I could meet up with a client (business trip expenses anyone?) and a trip though a less than salubrious neighbourhood, and then we were in a traditional italian american area. Think “The Godfather”, with the fruit stalls and everyone who knows everyone else. About 15 butchers, all specialising in different meats, pasta shops, spice stores, fruit carts etc.

After wandering for a while we went to the butcher to get the kangaroo, but as you would no doubt guess, they didn’t have any. It probably would have behoven me to make a quick phone call, but what are you going to do? So, it was going to be beef, but I wouldn’t tell anyone.

We left the markets, and back to the house. Many hours cooking, and then we all sat down. There were a couple of apprehensive faces, and a little picking at the food, until Sarah said “This tastes like beef!” and so the game was up.

Next time I will bring my own supply of roo.