Jordan Brock

Safe and Sound in Stockholm

Well, after a monumental collection of flights, changes and coffees in British Airways Business Lounges, we have arrived in Stockholm. Damn it’s cold.

The “quaint” boat hostel that looked ever so nice on it’s web site, has turned out to not be quite as advertised. A room the size of somewhere you’d put your vacuum, and communal showers. I suppose that’s part of being in Sweden. So, we are on our way to the visitors centre to look for something better for when we come back from Kiruna.

Stockholm is magnificent. Very clean and utilitarian, with an astounding preponderance of women walking babys in prams. We walked for 10 minutes and probably saw 25 separate prams. Babies all rugged up in bundling clothes. There must be some government grant promoting vigorous procreation.

Using a swedish keyboard is a herculean task, so after I leave you with some choice characters, it’s goodbye from us.